Exclusive: Disturbing Revelation Ahead of Ghana elections


In some countries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are major contributors to national development. This is however not always the case. In a number of countries, there have been tendencies of politicization of NGOs, most whom claim to be civil society organizations (CSOs), including so called policy “think tanks”.

A whistleblower in the Ghana NGO sector has disclosed to TodayGhanaNews.com, about a plot to destabilize the country in order to ensure a power sharing between NDC and opposition.

According to the whistleblower, a mid-term correspondence with their donors, which he sighted indicate that his organization endorsed the position.

Our outfit suggested that even before the 2016 general elections, the opposition parties must harbor an agenda to discredit the upcoming elections so they would have reasonable grounds to reject the actual polls.

The whistleblower reveals that there is a grand attempt from his outfit and some opposition element in Ghana to undermine the EC authority and credibility to breed ground of rejection of 2016 election to pave way for violence and bloodshed to enable power sharing.

According to the source elements in the opposition, are collaborating to prepare the grounds for the rejection of the 2016 elections, in case the results of the election does not go in their favor.

The whistleblower said, the mid-term reports to its donor stated categorically that, to enable them achieved their project goal of abolishing “the winner takes all in Ghana politics”, there should be political violence and bloodshed come November 2016 general elections.  A suggestion a very high priest in based in Accra who was the face of our project, gave his full backing

“Chief, the persistent agitations against the Electoral commission by some elements in the opposition and CSOs are part of the grand design preparing the ground for the ultimate rejection of the election results and violence”, the informant noted.

The whistleblower further stressed that, “our donors have committed a lot of resources into this winner takes all project and our outfit is very committed to see legal reforms to end the polarization and high tension characterizing the ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Politics threatening Ghana’s fledgling democracy, but it seems because the NDC has the machinery to win elections, their commitment to it is not encouraging.

Even though its (NDC) founder JJ Rawlings and some civil society agrees to our reform”.

The source emphasized that “from the onset of our project we had a healthy relationship with government as we both share common objectives on the issue of power sharing political agenda, government’s commitment towards to its implementation is weak at the end”.

“Therefore, our outfit concluded that Ghanaians being a peace loving country,  a temporal political instability and resistance could lead to a power-sharing and constitutional reforms”. He added.

When asked why he is coming out with these revelations at this time, he responded that, he fears that even though the planned post-election violence is meant is not meant to be prolonged, it could lead to the loss of innocent lives and have severe negative effect on the country’s development.

He therefore called on security agencies to investigate the allegation and be vigilant.


Source: TodayGhanaNews.com



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