A new urinal to wash and dry the male organs created

the new smart urinal

A new smart urinal promises to wash and dry the male member, making the dreaded after-pee leakage a thing of the past.

Urinary 2.0 is described as a “smart d*ck bidet” which will ensure users no longer have to worry about suspicious wet patches on their pants.

It sprays soapy water at the human hose and then lovingly dries it with warm air, eliminating the need to shake it.

The experience has been described as “similar to a hand dryer,” although hopefully it’s not quite as forceful as the powerful Dyson models, unless you’re into that.

The urinal will even determine what temperature the water should be, based on how warm or cold the bathroom is, so users don’t experience any shrinkage.

The smart, and perhaps little creepy, urinal uses sensors to determine when the user has finished relieving themselves, so there’s no premature ejaculation of the soapy water.

Sadly, the Urinary 2.0 is still in the prototype stage, so it’s up to men to shake themselves dry for now.

source: rt.com



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