NDC stands a chance of winning 2020 elections- Prof Asante

NDC national executives with president John Mahama

Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) stands the chance of recapturing power looking at the achievements it chalked in the area of infrastructure. and the kind of a leader the party will elect to contest in the next election, according to Professor Kwame Asante, a Ghanaian lecturer at the Glasgow University in Scotland and a former Research Officer ( Coordinator) at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

But, he said, much will depend on how responsible the party behaves in opposition, how its alternative policies to that of the current administration, and how it handle its internal issues

Prof Erasmus Kwame Asante also cautioned the current Npp administration not to allow inordinate ambitions to blur its vision to duty or lose the the next election miserably.T
he Professor was speaking at this years annual “Black Reconstruction” lectures held in Scotland.

The theme for this year’s programme was “Prospects of Democratic Consolidation in Africa” and was attended by other intellectuals and academicians on the continent of Africa such as Dr Chakalisa,Professor K Mupedziswa from Botswana, Professor Akaro from Nigeria,Professor Mutua from Kenya and other resource person from Malaysia, Canada and the United States.

Professor Erasmus Kwame Asante said constant attention must be paid to the needs and desires of our rural folks at all times.

According to the Professor,the nation’s real wealth emanates from the rural areas hence the need for genuine attention if we really want to achieve self-reliance.He said gradually some humble but growing institutions in the rural settlings are being removed to the urban area in the name of modernisation.

He cautioned the new administration to manage the high expectation of the public to avoid possible public pressure on the administration which may lead to making of new mistakes and repetition of the old mistakes it criticised in opposition.

Professor Asante described promises the Npp made during its campaign and other captured in its manifesto as unrealistic,wasteful, and outmoded but went on further to mention other policies outlined by the administration as prudent which must be pursued vigorously.

According to Professor Asante, the immediate past administration was able to reduce some of the perennial problems it inherited but these successes must not be regard advances made so far as definitely consolidated by Ghanaians and the new administration.

He said the practically doable policies in the Npp manifesto would benefit the urban dwellers meaning the determination to close the yawning gap between the rural folks and the urban dwellers cannot be achieved this according to the Professor will increase the pressure on the administration.

He said most African governments still practice the “touch and leave” policy and overburden themselves with many programmes with little resources. He said the massive improvement in Ghana’s ICT sector the last four years and its impact on the economy suggests that focusing on few strategic areas in the economy and channeling the few resources into its improvement could generate the right climate in which positive development can take place.

He chastised the last administration over certain policies it took between 2011 and 2012 but went on further to commend it for the bold initiatives it took after the Senchi.He said, policies the last administration implemented in conformity with negotiations it arrived with the IMF’s conditionalities and its own homegrown policies must be continued by the new administration if Ghana wants to see its economy structured on the resource potential of the country,an economy in which growth and development will truly cater for the social needs of the people as a whole.

He advised government to use state power to capture the commanding height of the economy and use it in such a way as not to benefit few,but the broad masses of the people.

Source: TodayGhanaNews.com



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